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Markets We Serve


Mineral extraction operations involve unique logistical challenges. Nakshatech provides our clients with geospatial services throughout the life cycle of a mine—during exploration and feasibility studies, ore extraction, mine closure, and landscape restoration.

The deliverables we provide include digital elevation models, planimetric and topographic maps, orthophotography, Enterprise GIS, and remote sensing. Our variety of services and deliverables provides each client with the assurance that when a particular environmental, operational or regulatory need arises, we can produce the right solution to solve that need.


Managing forests in today’s ever-changing world is becoming a challenging task. Now GIS technology plays an integral role in maintaining the forests. GIS technology offers details, which are helpful for forest vegetation, such as areas suitable for planting different trees, areas susceptible to soil erosion (landslides) and forest inventory. It also assists you to estimate the unhealthy vegetation, for example, vineyards, orchards, etc.

Calculation of the expanse of the forests, the degraded areas, deforestation, the extent of the wildfire and information about measures to mitigate it, determining the presence of a particular species of herb, etc. are some of the major applications of GIS in Forestry sector. GIS also provides information regarding high-quality geospatial crop/forest and symptom-specific products.


Nakshatech develops mapping solutions to support diverse frameworks to provide geospatial data to the transport sectors and also to engineering companies that provide design and engineering services into the transport sector. Sustainable growth relies on efficient and safer procedural methods.


Nakshatech offers Spatial and Non-spatial data management services for Utilities such as Electric, Gas, Water, Telecom etc. to cater to the needs of Government and Private agencies.

Nakshatech specializes in the creation, conversion, and maintenance of large volumes of spatial and non-spatial facilities and asset data, using customized application interfaces. Nakshatech specializes in creating large and complex Geodatabases using disparate sources of information such as legacy drawings and different CAD formats.

Nakshatech has extensive expertise in various Utilities including Electric, Gas, Water, and Telecom and has in-depth knowledge of respective Data models to create Geodatabase with Asset and Facility data.


Nakshatech provides high quality, cost-effective engineering drafting services to the Oil and Gas Industries.

  • Serves the customers across the globe for the Plant & Instrumentation (P&I) Process of Oil and Gas Industries

  • Create, modify, and manage piping and instrumentation diagrams using piping design software. Specialized in Support and Services for Engineering Data Management and handling high-end CAD solutions


Nakshatech GIS provides a common platform for accessing all your business data, updating your network information, integrating work orders, finding customer information, or preparing a report. With built-in spatial analysis tools, you can support network tracing as well as analyze development trends affecting future demand. Visualization and mapping features give you an overall, connected view of your network in relation to your customers and surrounding infrastructure.